WVU’s internal review into assistant football coach Joe DeForest found no “infractions of NCAA rules or other misconduct,” the university said in a statement Wednesday morning.


Last month, Sports Illustrated reported five former OSU players said they either received money or saw teammates accept payments from DeForest, who was an assistant coach at Oklahoma State from 2001-‘11. Former Cowboys’ player Chris Wright also told SI that DeForest “was pissed I didn’t get [the recruit] laid.” Wright told the magazine he met with DeForest after hosting a recruit for a weekend. Wright said DeForest told him, “You didn’t do your job.”


DeForest, who has not responded to messages and has not been made available for interviews since the Sports Illustrated series came out, denied paying players to the magazine. SI also reported that DeForest responded to Wright’s statements by emailing the magazine, “I do not recall that conversation ever occurred.”


WVU athletic director Oliver Luck released a statement prior to the SI series — on Sept. 7 — saying the university had launched an internal review “to ensure the coach’s full compliance to NCAA rules while at West Virginia.”

TheDPost.com had inquired about the status of the review, and WVU assistant athletic director for communications Michael Fragale emailed the following statement Wednesday:


“West Virginia University has conducted an internal review as a result of the recent articles from a national media outlet, which includes allegations against one of our current assistant football coaches surrounding his time of employment at a previous institution.


“WVU has not found any infractions of NCAA rules or other misconduct at our institution. WVU is unable to comment on the veracity of the media allegations levied against the assistant coach while employed at another institution, and defers to that institution, as well as appropriate NCAA infractions personnel, to complete a review and assessment of those allegations.”


Fragale said WVU has no further comment.