In 1896, the first modern Olympic games were held in Athens and there was not a woman as a competitor. And now at the 2020 games, you will see that nearly half of the competitors are females. Tokyo is made as a start of a revolution of the international sporting world as the most gender-equal as it has ever been since the history of the Olympics. The people that organized the Olympics stated that the number of women this year compared to men is about 49 percent of whole 11,090 athletes playing this year, which is an increase from Rio 2016 Olympics that is 45 percent, at Los Angeles 1984 was 23 percent, at Tokyo in 1964 was only 2.2 percent of women, and in Paris was where the first female athletes played. As the Olympics will return to Paris in 2024, there is a sure sign that there will be full gender equality with equal numbers of male and female athletes.

This will bring another issue of having mothers who are breastfeeding that is playing and the rumors of harassment and abuse on female athletes which is a major issue on sports globally.

The Olympics committee has been planning for this gender equality scheme for a long time in terms of planning, programming of events, and so on. Even though the last year was disturbed by the COVID 19 pandemic. The international Olympic committee made sure that they increase the number of female athletes that will play in 2020, their selection was done by their strict qualifying process. One of the committees stated that after getting all the numbers of athletes from the last Olympics that they also increased the number of female athletes. For the first time in history in any team that there are 4 members, it is a must that there have to be at least a woman in the team and new events have a more mixed-gender than the former Olympics have ever seen. Events were dropped from the men category for the women to do like boxing, canoe rowing, and water polo. In the 1500 meter freestyle, the swimming category that was only meant for men before has been also given to women to play. The five new sports that were introduced in the Tokyo Olympics which are skateboarding, speed climbing, karate, 3 on 3 basketball, surfing also have a female category for the female athletes to play.

The Tokyo Olympics have multiplied the number of mixed-sex events by two orders than the last Rio Olympics with a total of 18 events with includes shooting, table tennis, archery, swimming, etc. The international committee player started that there is nothing more equal than males and females playing in the same team is what is called leveling the playing field.

When the sports are broadcasted, the women are also very seen in this Tokyo Olympics with more gold medal events that are about 17 to be shown on the weekends. He said that is not mainly about playing on the field but also promoting the events as well. This is the time for women to shine and be seen by the world.