Once upon a time there used to be lines of record stores everywhere you looked but that was once upon a time. Now record stores are not as common as they used to be, their numbers have dwindled. This decrease was caused by the rise of the digital era. Many people Have switched to downloading and streaming their music leaving the once crowded record store to be not so crowded. 

Although most people may prefer listening to music through streaming sites or downloading them there are still music fans who love and treasure the sound of records. If you are one of those music fans or you just love the nostalgia records give, here are the 5 best record stores to visit in the US.

Waterloo Records

 Location: 600 N. Lamar Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78703, USA

 Waterloo Records, the independent store has been at the forefront of Austin’s music since it was open in 1982. Its name “Waterloo Records” was gotten from back when Austin was called Waterloo. When visiting Austin Waterloo is a must-stop for music fans looking for quality records with a long catalog to browse through. They are also always stocked up with the new and latest releases from Austin’s bands. They hold in-store performances by hosting different artistic which gets the place packed. They get even more traffic during their Vinyl Happy Hour which is held every Tuesday. No other store music store can beat Waterloo when it comes to its line of vinyl and CDs cement its place as a must-stop. Visit them online at waterloorecords.com/Store/.

Gramaphone Records

Location: 2843 N. Clark Street, Chicago IL 60657

The store has been opened since 1969 and is arguably considered the pillar of Chicago’s dance music. The store has a large customer base consisting of techno dorks and Chicago house revivalists. They offer other genres but they focus on house music and have a collection of house labels. Learn more about the store at gramaphonerecords.com/.

Vintage Vinyl

 Location: ​6610 DELMAR ST. LOUIS MO 63130 

The store is known for its wonderful indoor shows and sometimes free beer. It is also known as of of the best record curator in the middle east. The store sees a consumer base consisting of rockers and bluesmen. Learn more about the store at vintagevinyl.com.

Louisiana Music Factory

 Location: 421 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA 70116

The store first opened in 1992 and along with selling amazing records and hosting life brass bands the store also has a strong history. It survived through hurricane Katrina and was still the first record store to reopen in its city. Learn more at louisianamusicfactory.com.

Electric Fetus 

 Location: 12 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55802 (Duluth) -2000 S 4th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404 (Minneapolis)

Next on this list and having one of the craziest names is Electric Fetus. The store opened in 1968 and although its name might be considered as one of the most terrible business names the store itself is still going strong. Maybe it’s the curiosity that draws people in it but this store has had some celebrities as customers being one of Prince’s favorite record stores. The store claims to have something for all kinds of music fans giving it its diversity in customers. They sell used records but their shops also sell close. It is also known for its streaker sale where the customers are allowed to take whatever they want as long as they are shopping naked. Learn more at electricfetus.com.

Do note that some of these shops may be closed if you plan on visiting during COVID-19 but you can always get a vinyl subscription. This way you can get your vinyl shipped to you where ever you are.