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Presidential Campaign Spoofs for 2020 Election

The 2020 elections are coming up, and a lot of different campaign spoofs can be found online. One of the most interesting ones is Tom Cruise running for president. Keep reading to learn more!

Who is Tom Cruise?

Hollywood star Tom Cruise has been in hit movies like “Jerry Maguire” where Tom Cruise was a sports agent; “Risky Business” where Tom Cruise was a student in high school; “Mission Impossible” where Tom cruise was a spy; and “Collateral” where Tom Cruise was a contract killer. You must notice Tom Cruise running in a scene or two.

Late last year, as a result of all the movies Tom Cruise has been in featured running, people who make use of social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook saw a video which showed Tom Cruise running around a country town talking about how he would be the best citizen in the U.S. to literally “run” for president. 

This is because from all the movies he has acted in the past, he knows every bit of the U.S. and how he has “lived” through its history (in the movies). So, if you ask, “Is Tom Cruise running for president?”, you’d probably say yes, and Tom Cruise is the best man for the job.

The Comedy Skit

The comedy skit was not made with the real Tom Cruise, but with a very good look-alike of the famous actor. Wouldn’t it be nice if this epic Hollywood star was made the president of the U.S.? As we have all noticed he is a great runner.

Miles Fisher, our Tom Cruise lookalike who easily talks and runs like Tom Cruise, was used in the comedy skit to make the funny campaign video of Tom Cruise running for president in the year 2020. It was Fisher who made the parody video asking the world what we would think of our Hollywood star running for president.

After Miles Fisher released the video, other websites began advertising the comedy skit as it should be one of the comedies that should be seen by everyone, and how Fisher was great at the job of imitating Tom Cruise.

What if it was Real?

What would the U.S. gain if Tom Cruise ran for president?

He is not your every man, as stated in the “campaign” while Fisher was running through the desert in the country town. He has been every type of man though in the movies he has starred in, including a lawyer, a Navy pilot, a pimp in high school, a businessman, and a sports agent, making Tom Cruise the real deal.

The comedy skit is quite funny after you realize it is not actually Tom Cruise that wanted to run for president. But we think that Tom Cruise would make a very fine president. Don’t you think so?

Do Lavender and Tea Tree Oil for Hair Removal Really Work?

Going natural is a big part of people’s beauty and makeup regimens. Facial hair can be quite handsome on men, but when a woman begins to get tiny facial hairs, it can be very nerve-wracking and unappealing. 

For women, putting a hair removal cream on your face can be a last resort. Hair removal creams contain an extreme amount of chemicals, and you have no idea how your skin would react. A clipper or razor is totally out of the question. Wax is the usual go-to, but did you know that you could also try another natural remedy? Lavender and tea tree oil for hair removal is a gentle, natural solution for hair removal.

Uses of Lavender and Tea Tree Oil

  • Essential oils such as lavender and tea tree oil are very useful in aromatherapy. They have a lot of benefits that they can offer to the skin and the body as a whole. We recommend shopping for lavender and tea tree oil essential oils from natural health brands such as NOW Foods or Plant Therapy.
  • The combination has been said to be useful in producing a calming effect in people.
  • The use of lavender and tea tree oil is effective in cleaning the skin and treating some problems such as acne.
  • Lavender and tea tree oil for hair removal have been proven to be an effective method. 

So far, the only downside to the use of lavender and tea tree oil for hair removal has been an increased risk of the condition known as prepubertal gynecomastia. This is a condition largely marked by the enlargement of breast tissue in boys prior to puberty. This is being attributed to the androgenic and hormone-disrupting characteristics of lavender and tea tree oil. (This condition is not as much a risk to females.) 

In addition, you’ll want to keep these essential oils away from any pets, as they can be harmful to animals.

Lavender and Tea Tree Oil for Hair Removal

Lavender and tea tree oil for hair removal are very effective; as a matter of fact, the use of lavender and tea tree oil according to research is an effective method of dealing with mild hirsutism. This is a condition where females exhibit hair growth patterns similar to that of males.

To get the best result from using lavender and tea tree oil for hair removal, you could try mixing a single teaspoon of lavender to 2 drops of tea tree oil and then blended with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil. This mixture is applied to the affected area 2-3 times on a daily basis. Due to the oil dilution, those with acne should avoid this solution.

Why is Stairway to Heaven Forbidden in Guitar Shops?

The Led Zeppelin song “Stairway to Heaven” is one of the most popular classic rock ballads by those who are learning to play the guitar. Yet in some ironic or even comic twist of fate, the riff is banned or forbidden to be played in virtually all guitar shops. 

The song has a lot of controversies surrounding it. These controversies arose in the pop world, in the legal world, and even in the religious scene for a while. As for the true answer to the question, “Why is ‘Stairway to Heaven’ forbidden in guitar shops,” it’s most likely because the song is overplayed by musicians testing out new instruments, but here are some other wild reasons that may play a role in this as well.

Controversy 1: Who Exactly Owns the Song?

There was a copyright dispute over who exactly is meant to own the song. Michael Skidmore, the trustee of the Randy Craig Wolfe Trust, representing the band Spirit, filed a lawsuit against Led Zeppelin. This band claimed that the song “Stairway to Heaven” intro section was ripped off of one of their previous songs. This lawsuit was filed in 2014. According to Variety magazine, “a jury ruled in favor of Led Zeppelin in 2016, finding that the two songs were not substantially similar.”

Controversy 2: The Pastor Who Said He Heard a Message from Satan Hidden in the Song When He Played it Backward.

Well, that is exactly what happened. In the early 1970s after the song was released, a pastor had a lot to say about the song being “Satanized.” He claimed that the song had a devilish element hidden in it. He said that his proof for this declaration was that he played the song backward

That was when he heard a message about Satan hidden in the song. The message went along the lines of “So here is to my sweet Satan. …” As for whether the song contains messages for Satan or not, I have absolutely no idea. But come to think of it, what exactly led to the pastor playing the song backward anyway? Who does that?

The controversies go on and on. The song is a relatively cool one, though. In fact, it is so addicting that guitar shop owners all over the world would cringe and flip their tops if you play the song in their shops. 

An interesting fact about all these issues is that the most addicting part of the song is the intro that was claimed to have been ripped off. This song comprises a progression that slowly rises and quickly drops or resolves in a very short period. Besides, the piece was played by legendary guitarist Jimmy Page. For about a decade following the release of the song, Page was believed to be the absolute best guitarist of all time.

So as you can see, the song has a lot of history. It is easy to play and connect to. It is a confidence booster, especially for beginning guitarists. On all accounts, it is a stand-up song. But why is “Stairway to Heaven” forbidden? It’s all up to public opinion, I guess.

Our Views on Public Opinion and Politics

You may have heard people comment about public opinion and politics with statements like this: “The current government is much worse than the previous one.” “If all our leaders could be as good as this one, our country would have achieved greater things.” “Why is the price for healthcare and electricity going up?” 

The above statements are just a few compared to all the ideas people have about public opinion and politics. This is especially the case with countries that operate on a democratic system of government, such as the U.S. And with the 2020 presidential election looming, the differences between public opinion and politics are gaining greater ground now than ever.

What is Public Opinion?                                                                

The way the majority of the people feel toward a particular subject is deemed public opinion. Public opinion on a matter also involves what the majority of people think and say about it. Additionally, public opinion is concerned with the wants, needs, and even the desires of a majority of the people in a given region. 

So, simply put, public opinion is the collective or joint opinion of the people in a society or state concerning a given subject or issue.

How Public Opinion and Politics are Related

Public opinion is so closely intertwined with politics that it is impossible to separate them in a proper democratic government. Public opinion has a role to play in just about any system of governmental rule. The public opinion is the voice of the people. Public opinion is so important in a society that it cannot be ignored.

How exactly do public opinion and politics work? Well, the answer to this question can be found in a literary work by John Locke called “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding.” 

According to that essay, man is subject to three laws which are the divine laws, the civil laws, and finally the law of opinion (also known as the law of reputation). The law of opinion, in one way or another, indirectly affects the other laws. Take the divine laws for instance. These laws are in religious books. But as time goes on, public opinion would decide what law to follow to the letter, as well as what law needs to be amended or relaxed a little bit.

This power of public opinion is also applicable in politics. Most systems of government today (an example that of democracy) is a relatively social system. The ruling government gets to remain in power as long as they do not excessively violate the “social contract” between them and the citizens. If they do, public opinion turns against them and an impeachment or a coup d’état (in a military system) is no longer an impossibility.

So you see, public opinion and politics are an inseparable pair. Public opinion determines media content and governmental actions (to an extent).

How do you feel about public opinion and politics?

What is a Substantiated Opinion?

An opinion is simply a personal thought or a private idea about a subject. An opinion is how you feel about a certain topic. Everyone has an opinion on various topics, especially controversial ones. But there are two major types of opinions – the unsubstantiated opinion and the substantiated one. 

Of the two, it is not difficult to guess which one has more meaning or is more dependable. An unsubstantiated opinion is what most people have when they hear of new issues or events. It refers to the initial opinions of people at first, but it has no solid content or reason for the way the people feel that way. 

So if you hear of an issue initially, how you feel without an in-depth understanding of the situation is an unsubstantiated opinion. For instance, you hear two men were involved in a struggle and one fell off the bridge into a river below. It is likely you will feel that the other man should be arrested. This is an unsubstantiated opinion; it is just how you feel. In that case, what is a substantiated opinion?

What is a Substantiated Opinion?

A substantiated opinion is one that has facts backing it. In other words, it has substance. A substantiated opinion is not always a true or correct opinion. For instance, considering the two men from earlier, the opinion for the other man could become substantiated. This is if a reason for the opinion is added. 

So instead of simply feeling that the other man who is still standing should be arrested “just because,” you could say that the other man should be arrested because he was involved in a violent outbreak in public and for disrupting the peace. That would be a substantiated opinion.

A substantiated opinion might not always be true. For instance, if it later comes to light that the guy who fell off the bridge was actually a robber, then although your earlier opinion was substantiated, it was not totally correct.

So, although a substantiated substance might be backed by facts, it is not always right. However, it is more difficult to argue against when compared to an unsubstantiated opinion. 

Practical Uses of Substantiated Opinion

A substantiated opinion is useful in the intellectual world and various professions. Simply judging issues based on your feelings alone are not always the way to go. To raise your credibility in your environment (whether at work or school), making use of substantiated opinions is very useful. Any other thing would simply sound like gossip.

Our Thoughts on the Best vs. Worst Beauty Products

For a long time, we have heard people give us different hacks for their beauty routine. We are going to analyze the different best and worst beauty products in existence. Many of these worst beauty products or hacks that we will analyze can ruin your skin.

Bad Hacks

Melt Your Blackheads

There is a great chance that you have heard people tell you to rub Vaseline on your face, then make use of a plastic wrap to cover it. Others may say that you should rub Vaseline on your face, but the plastic wrap on the face and use a hot towel to cover it.

You may notice that the blackheads may easily come out after you are done, but this is a bad hack as it isn’t safe for your skin.

Rubbing Eggs On Your Skin

We agree that eggs can work well on your skin. Your grandma may have used eggs on her hair and face, and nothing happened to her, but the same case may not befall you today.

With the issue of Salmonella in eggs, it is important that you be careful when handling eggs. This bacterium became a serious problem from the late ’70s and early ’80s.

Do you know that Salmonella is a common reason food poisoning is occurring in major parts of the world including the U.S.?

Eggs will shrink the pores and do other things, but when you think of Salmonella, it becomes scary.

There is an alternative that allows you to enjoy the benefits of eggs without having to deal with Salmonella, and it is the egg extract mask. Since many of these egg extract masks are not created from raw eggs, you do not have to worry about Salmonella.

Kitty Litter Face Masks

When you hear of kitty litter, you may be wondering what made this become a trend. You may wonder what made a lot of people decide to slather other faces with kitty litter. It is weird, right?

The truth is that kitty litter may have few benefits, but the issues that one may face from slathering their faces with kitty little are worse than the benefits.

Kitty litters are clay-based, meaning that they sometimes have some ingredients that are seen in the compounds used in making common skin-care products, which are bentonites and silica.

These ingredients are known to take out oils and keep moisture stable, and they work well on a lot of people.

We have no issue with using bentonite and silica on your face. Assuming kitty litter was made only of bentonite and silica, we would have told you to go ahead with smattering your face with kitty litter, but since it isn’t, it is not advisable.

Good Hacks

To save you the stress of having to use dangerous products on your face, we advise people to make use of only organic products from trusted natural brands like Zoya, Jane Iredale, and 100 Percent Pure.

Our Favorite Science Fiction Animation Movies

We love science fiction animation movies as much as we do? Who wouldn’t want to watch futuristic technologies and civilizations as backdrops to interesting stories and animated characters?

We are going to look at a list of science fiction animation movies that you should consider watching.

5 Science Fiction Animation Movies

Jetsons: The Movie (1990)

This movie was created to be humorous, and to a large extent, it made us laugh. The humor aside, the part that we couldn’t get enough of was the fact that it was jet-packed, and had the flying-car far-future. The animation seemed quite real for its time. This is a movie you should consider watching.

Escape from Planet Earth (2013)

This is another science fiction animation movie that you should consider watching. It was made with CGI animation, and this was a technology that was still in its early stages in 2013. We were impressed with how they paid attention to both detail and realism. A hero of the Baab, a planet decides to carry out a rescue mission on Earth–Dark Planet, and he was caught. Watch him navigate his way through his high security and futuristic prison, Area 51.

Battle for Terra (2007)

This movie was made during that period a lot of people wanted to try out 3D. Can we say that the 3D spectacles were overhyped? We won’t be wrong if we did. This movie was created by Lionsgate, and this company tried to make use of the CGI feature. They succeeded to a large extent. In this movie, the technologically-advanced Earth force decided that they would take over an alien world. Kids can watch it, but they will notice a bit of adult aspects.

Planet 51 (2009)

This movie was created with the aim of adding comedy into the sci-fi mainstream; they may have succeeded a bit, but some of the jokes seemed flat to some audience. Sony’s TriStar released it into the U.S., and the viewers get to see to journey with an astronaut that finds his way to a strange planet. He has to stay away from the inhabitants of the world that he finds himself in. He decides to stay in a planetarium, but one of the inhabitants of the planet finds him. For its time, it was quite an expensive venture.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001)

As a company that is not to be left out of any technological changes, Paramount decided to get involved in CGI. It created its sci-fi movie that was meant for young people. It was designed to be retro-themed. The movie is focused on the abduction of humans by aliens, and the leaving of pint-sized prodigy Jimmy Neutron behind. He sees the need to make use of rides in the amusement park to create warships that he could use to rescue his loved ones. It is an exciting movie to watch.

Worst Birthday Cards: Don’t Send These to Loved Ones!

Birthdays happen once in a year and it is a very special day in the life of everyone. Friends and family may throw surprise parties, buy gifts, and also give their loved one’s birthday cards.

Birthday cards are simple gifts yet so captivating. They convey a special message to a family member, friend, or loved one. Your message could tell how you feel about them and also what you wish for them. A lot of people love to express themselves and show their creativity with birthday cards. However, there are good birthdays cards and then there are those that fall into a more inappropriate category. Here’s our round-up of some of the worst birthday cards to avoid giving your loved ones.

What are the Worst Birthday Cards

Amid all the frenzy of selecting birthday cards and gifts, there are the worst birthday cards you should never send to your loved ones. Certain people indeed love to be creative; others may send birthday cards that sound rude or sarcastic. Sweet messages, especially ones sent to people on their birthdays, mean a lot. This is why you have to be careful when selecting and gifting a birthday card.

As the sender, it may be a joke or something to be laughed over. But what about the person getting the card? How will he or she feel when they get such messages. You need to try as much as possible to avoid these worst birthday cards.

The Content of These Worst Birthday Cards

The worst birthday cards contain messages which are not nice to hear. You may have a different intention with a pure heart, but the message just sounds wrong.

Here are a few messages contained in the worst birthday cards:

  • “Happy birthday to you! You’re a year older and one step closer to your grave.” Woah! Who wants to get such messages on their birthdays? Certainly not you! It sounds rude.
  • “Happy birthday to someone the parents made by accident.” This message sounds sarcastic and rude. It shouldn’t be sent to a loved one.
  • “Cheers to you on your birthday, but you haven’t gotten any wiser.”
  • “Cheers on mourning the loss of your youth.”
  • “I’m sorry that my birthday wishes were late. I didn’t know you’d live this long.”

As aforementioned, you may have good intentions, but these messages just push too far. Ensure that you send a proper message to the person, telling them how excited you feel that it’s their birthday and how you wish them the best things.

Remember that little messages matter. Make your remembrance count! 

Our Thoughts on Hybrid Versus Gas Vehicles

Hybrid cars are considered revolutionary; mostly by manufacturers and sales agents. Although there are arguable reasons to get a hybrid versus gas vehicle or other available options, knowing how they operate as well as the advantages and disadvantages of running them are important when deciding whether or not it is worth the purchase.

As with a lot of new inventions, many of the manufacturers who stepped into the creation of hybrid cars addle their lineups with heavy marketing and robust claims when compared to their gas counterparts. These methods are often misleading as they are very often to misinterpretation.

The core difference between hybrid versus gas vehicles is the fact that hybrids are basically vehicles that have two or more types of power. A hybrid car has a gas-powered motor that charges an electric motor; the major idea is that the electric motor powers the vehicle at slower speeds, and the gas motor maintains the vehicle’s top speed (as it’s fairly better at handling that task). 

This fairly complicated system is a middle ground between gas cars and electric cars, with its advantage being better fuel efficiency when compared to gas cars and its independence of a charging station when compared to electric cars. However, before you shell out your savings to go “green” on a hybrid vehicle, there is, of course, more than meets the eye.

3 Facts About Hybrid Versus Gas Vehicles


The first and the most noticeable caveat is expense and not necessarily the outright cost of purchase. Manufacturers have different versions of hybrid cars at different price points – the motive is to sell them to consumers so the wider the reach the better. The cost of purchase, subsequent repair, and maintenance of a similarly featured hybrid will be marginally higher than that of a typical gas-powered car.

Fuel savings

Another big margin appears when people start to consider “fuel efficient” cars; a ton of cars marketed as such save gas comparable to hybrid cars, meaning that even in the long run you may never save as much as the price disparity on fuel. This drawback really makes the idea of purchasing a hybrid vehicle even less inviting.


However, even with all these pointing the odds in favor of gas-powered vehicles, it is important to note that many manufacturers give noticeably extensive warranties on their hybrid offerings, and if you are in the U.S., then there’s a tax incentive that could possibly save you up to $3,400 depending on the vehicle (however, this also only applies to the first 60,000 vehicles manufactured by an individual company within a year, so if a model is in high demand chances are you will miss out by the start of the fourth quarter of the year). A generous amount of hybrid models thrive on marketing still, but now you have a clearer understanding of how things work.

Bearing all these factors in mind is incredibly important before spending on a hybrid versus gas vehicle. We think the most important thing is to think about your needs and find out if the savings that hybrid vehicles offer will be to your benefit, and then choose appropriately.