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Why We Love U.S. Gold Medalist and Gymnast Simone Biles

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Simone Biles is a phenomenon in the world of gymnastics and an idol, she is known as one of the best gymnasts on the earth. The way that she moves is what no gymnasts can compare to, as a gold medalist in the Olympics and a US championship record holder. Here are some reasons why we love Simone Biles.

Simone Biles’s records.

Simone is at the top of all disciplines in the world of gymnastics. Her first award was the world championship in Antwerp, Belgium at the age of 16, and was already seen as a great candidate in the gymnastics field. She has won 19 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 3 bronze medals even before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics started. She has also won the US championships seven times in a row which has never been done before. One of her soft spots is the uneven bars which it was her favorite before. She had to put a quick pause to the end of her career to see the Tokyo Olympics which is where she will conclude her career.

Biles’s training routine.

Biles’s height is 142cm(4.6 ft) and her weight is 47 kilograms (103.6 Ib), which is the perfect physique for gymnastics. She has a huge muscle mass but her little size, makes her do wonders, and makes her move faster at the preparation of her jumps and somersaults, and be able to show more styles than anyone no matter how small the mat is. Her training routine is very basic just practice again and again. To be in shape for the Olympics in 2020, she has to ensure that every routine is pitch-perfect, she makes sure she trains every day for most of the hours of the day.

The Biles’s elements.

When new elements are invented at international gymnastics competitions, the element’s name is awarded to the person that invented it. And four new elements are given to Simone Biles. And recently, she invented two other elements in 2019 at the world championship at Stuttgart. One of the hardest elements she ever made is the “triple-double” which is a double somersault accompanied by a triple twist at the end. It has been put at the most difficult scale.

Simone Biles speaks out.

One of her favorite disciplines is the floor in the gymnastics world, she stated that it gives the most changes in showcasing herself in full, her characteristics, her personality, and her freestyle. She also shows herself outside the floor by standing up for herself and others with the use of social media and fighting for injustice and inequality like the protests of the black lives matter movement. She also talked about personal matters like when the #MeToo movement occurs about the sexual harassment and abuse in the gymnastics world and her experience of being sexually abused by Larry Nassar, the former physician at the US gymnastics term.

Simone Biles is a role model of our time giving joy and hope to future girls and gymnastics. She will always be honored in the gymnastics world.

Are the Olympics Finally an Equal Gender Playing Field?

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In 1896, the first modern Olympic games were held in Athens and there was not a woman as a competitor. And now at the 2020 games, you will see that nearly half of the competitors are females. Tokyo is made as a start of a revolution of the international sporting world as the most gender-equal as it has ever been since the history of the Olympics. The people that organized the Olympics stated that the number of women this year compared to men is about 49 percent of whole 11,090 athletes playing this year, which is an increase from Rio 2016 Olympics that is 45 percent, at Los Angeles 1984 was 23 percent, at Tokyo in 1964 was only 2.2 percent of women, and in Paris was where the first female athletes played. As the Olympics will return to Paris in 2024, there is a sure sign that there will be full gender equality with equal numbers of male and female athletes.

This will bring another issue of having mothers who are breastfeeding that is playing and the rumors of harassment and abuse on female athletes which is a major issue on sports globally.

The Olympics committee has been planning for this gender equality scheme for a long time in terms of planning, programming of events, and so on. Even though the last year was disturbed by the COVID 19 pandemic. The international Olympic committee made sure that they increase the number of female athletes that will play in 2020, their selection was done by their strict qualifying process. One of the committees stated that after getting all the numbers of athletes from the last Olympics that they also increased the number of female athletes. For the first time in history in any team that there are 4 members, it is a must that there have to be at least a woman in the team and new events have a more mixed-gender than the former Olympics have ever seen. Events were dropped from the men category for the women to do like boxing, canoe rowing, and water polo. In the 1500 meter freestyle, the swimming category that was only meant for men before has been also given to women to play. The five new sports that were introduced in the Tokyo Olympics which are skateboarding, speed climbing, karate, 3 on 3 basketball, surfing also have a female category for the female athletes to play.

The Tokyo Olympics have multiplied the number of mixed-sex events by two orders than the last Rio Olympics with a total of 18 events with includes shooting, table tennis, archery, swimming, etc. The international committee player started that there is nothing more equal than males and females playing in the same team is what is called leveling the playing field.

When the sports are broadcasted, the women are also very seen in this Tokyo Olympics with more gold medal events that are about 17 to be shown on the weekends. He said that is not mainly about playing on the field but also promoting the events as well. This is the time for women to shine and be seen by the world.

How COVID will Impact the Tokyo Olympics

The World Health Organization has officially recognized the COVID 19 outbreak as a global pandemic, which means that organizers would have to make a huge decision whether to go ahead with the major sporting events that would be held during the Tokyo Olympics. So far there have been records of over 500,000 cases of the coronavirus in over 100 countries. And as of March 12th, there was a record of 4,600 death recorded. This was made a huge disaster for a global sporting event that was scheduled to hold around the end of July 2020.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), information has been passed across that the method by which the virus can be prevented is through social distancing and using a hand sanitizer. As of late February, CDC gave a Level 2 travel notice to all passengers who would be traveling to places like Japan, encouraging them to take proper precautions. The Country also went ahead to make sure every preparation needed to host the Olympics was made available. The Countries best approach towards handling containing the virus is by closing down schools, banning certain public transportation. This method has proven to work effectively because it has prevented the spread of diseases from rising significantly.

Canceling and Postponing some events

Due to the outbreak of the virus, some events for the events of the Olympics have either been canceled or postponed. Take, for example, the world Taekwondo has moved its events from the city of Wuxi in China to Amman in Jordan. The European qualification tournament was later moved to Moscow, due to the highly infected son in Milan, Italy. The cancellations of events have affected some tournaments, which affected various rankings of athletes, which would decide which athletes are qualified to move on to the next round.

Also as a result of canceling some events and restricting travels, there would be fewer anti-doping tests for athletes because the Olympics testers would be restricted from traveling. If in the long run, the Olympics games turn out to work out, then there might be several outcomes that could happen. One of the major outcomes would be that athletes would be allowed to compete but without any spectators, the reason is that it would reduce the chances of a crowd transmitting the disease to thousands of others in the audience. This event has happened in some football tournament, a half tournament, it was about to happen during an NBA season until the committee decided to opt-out and suspend the season.

Treat it like a FLU

Another option is to treat the coronavirus like the regular flu and decide to do nothing out of the ordinary. Take, for example, the Super Bowl has never had any reason to cancel any of their matches during the flu season.

It is best to avoid a disaster, that is why postponing the Olympics is the best option, which would give time to prepare, the only side effect it would have is would disrupt a lot of things like a TV broadcast, hotels, sponsors, etc.

Who’s the Worst Soccer Player of All Time?

Soccer is easily the most popular sport in the world. There are billions of soccer fans spread across the globe who eagerly look forward to huge leagues like the Premier League and the Champions League. Naturally, when we have a sport that inspires that much passion, fans of the sport become really invested in their favorite teams and players.

If you were to ask 10 football fans who the best soccer player in the world is, the names Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi would make an appearance. This is because of the aforementioned passion that soccer inspires. However, this passion could also go in the other direction.

If you were to ask the same ten football fans who the worst soccer player of all time is, the answer would also be diverse but the name Ali Dia. If you do not know who Ali Dia is, he was a soccer player from Senegal who is widely known as the worst soccer player of all time. His infamous reputation is so widespread that if you were to ask Google who the worst soccer player of all time was, his name would show up immediately.

Who is Ali Dia?

Ali Dia was born in Senegal in 1965. In 1996, he successfully deceived Graeme Souness into believing that he was the cousin of George Weah. In 1996, Weah had been the FIFA World Player of the year and had won the Ballon d’Or. These are two very prestigious awards, in case you had no idea.

Souness, who was the manager of Southampton, actually believed him. Dia had his friend pretend to be George Weah in a phone call where Dia was painted as this amazing player who had played for his country several times as an amazing striker. If you’re wondering how this happened, it is important that you remember that all this took place in 1995 before the internet had been developed to its current status.

Unfortunately, Souness believed Dia’s tales and signed him on a one-month contract. This is where things went downhill really quickly. Dia only needed to play one match to cement his status as the worst soccer player of all time. Even though he came on to the game as a substitute, he was swiftly replaced by another substitute after a few minutes of gameplay.

His contract was terminated almost immediately after only 14 days of being in the club. Shockingly, this experience did not teach Dia a lesson because he went on to play for other teams. His time in these teams was also rather short-lived due to his poor skills.

Why is He the Worst Player?

You may be asking yourself why Dia is the worst soccer player of all time and not someone else. Undoubtedly there are people who play soccer worse than he did. The simple answer is, none of them ever got to the Premier League for obvious reasons.

The sheer fact that Dia was actually able to play at the League despite being such a bad player is what makes him the worst soccer player of all time. Players like him usually don’t go pro. The fact that he went pro with those skills (or lack of) in addition to the lies he told to get to the league is what makes him the worst soccer player of all time.

Why Ohio State is Better than Michigan in College Football

For fans of Ohio State Buckeyes Football, it is no news that there are a lot of reasons why Ohio State is better than Michigan in college football. If you feel otherwise, then you are wrong.

It is no news that there is a great rivalry between both teams, and from the records there are a lot of reasons why Ohio state is between than Michigan in college football.

We have put together reasons that will convince even Michigan’s Spartans fans to change their views on their team.

6 Reasons Why Ohio State is Better Than Michigan in College Football

Have You Seen Ohio State Band?

It is no news that Ohio State has a better band than Michigan. They have one of the best bands around. This is one band that fans love as much as they love their football team.

Michigan might have a good band, but it can’t stand the test of time like Ohio State.  

If both bands should go on a duel, it is no news that Ohio State will win hands down.


If you think that we are joking with our analysis, why not check the history? For a long time, Ohio State has beaten Michigan over and over again. History can show that. The former has shown intense dominance over their counterparts.

Though Michigan has beaten Ohio state recently, the last time they had a seven year winning streak was long years ago.

Braxton Miller

Ohio State has Braxton Miller. He is a great player that a lot of teams respect. His high school stats are out of this world. Michigan fans will dread this man.

Strength in the Backfield

Michigan has two major backs, and they may be great, but they can’t do well against Ohio State, Penn State, Nebraska, and even Wisconsin. This means that their shifty quick backs will do no good.

Ohio State has a lot of backs that are awesome and built like the Hulk.

Built for the Big Boys

Denard Robinson is nice to watch in the field, but there is an issue. Having someone with a height of 6’0”, and a weight of 190 pound quarterback racing with the ball multiple of times in a game doesn’t make any sense. 

The benching of Robinson during the 2010 match against Ohio state ended up ending the Wolverines.

Defense Wins Games

The fact that defense ends up winning the game means that Ohio State will triumph against their competitor.

Ohio State has a great defense strategy, though it won’t be a bad idea for them to take care do the holes that they have in that aspect. Having people such as Curtis Grant and Etienne Sabino taking the spots of graduated seniors such as Brian Rolle and Ross Homan won’t be a bad idea.

Why Soccer is Better than Baseball

It is no news that for a long time, debate has existed concerning why soccer is better than baseball. For anyone that is a fan of both sports, it is easy to tell why soccer is better than baseball. Who would see soccer and not enjoy it better than baseball?

Both of them are enjoyable and can leave you wanting more. For someone like me that has experienced both sports, if I am given the chance of watching both sports at the same time, I would opt for soccer. There are a lot of reasons why soccer is better than baseball.

The debate won’t end any time soon. It is important to note that we aren’t saying that my sport is inferior to the other. We are only saying that we enjoy soccer to baseball.

Why Choose Soccer Over Baseball?

First, you won’t see any riots in baseball games, not minding that there are a lot of wooden bats around. What type of sport won’t have people rioting? Can we say it is a sheer waste of the equipment they have?

Baseball is not as strenuous as soccer. You could play this game with an IV drip in your hand without being scared of the ball coming to your direction accidentally. What type of sport is fun without it being strenuous?

Have you watched a World Cup of Baseball? The group doesn’t have a lot of players. It reminds us of G8 members meeting. What type of sport doesn’t have a lot of players that we can watch? Isn’t that boring?

If the soccer ball touches your head, you won’t have aneurysm (usually), unlike when a ball touches your head in baseball.

When you are playing baseball, you won’t get sweaty. If you sweat, you may be having a thyroid condition or even having a side effect of drugs. Boring. What type of sport won’t leave you sweaty? Come on.

One thing that we fancy about soccer is that you can get into a brawl and hundreds of supporters of your team will join in to support you. You can’t do the same for baseball. No one would even come to your rescue.

When you light up a flare in a baseball game, you will have a lot of people waking up from their slumber to whine about it in the complaint. This can’t be seen in a soccer game.

When you play with a soccer ball, you won’t be scared of it destroying your windshield. The ball in a baseball game can wreak more havoc.

If you want to start a conversation anywhere you are in the world, you can use soccer. This is because it is a common sport. The same can’t be said of baseball. Very few countries play baseball.

Have you seen the great suits that soccer managers wear? They are out of this world.

Those a just a few reasons why soccer is better than baseball. What are your thoughts?