Hey there. Today I would be playing a Vs. Game. You know, Vs. Like the way, it is done on Mortal Kombat. But it would be about Liposomal vs. Regular Vitamin C. I would explain Liposomal and give some small explanation about vitamin c (which I am sure you already know long before now), and then you would pick the winner of this vs. match. Are we ready? FIGHT!. 

What you need to know about Liposomal 

Liposomal is a type of blister that has at least a single bilayer. The liposome could be used as a vehicle to deliver drugs and administer drugs from pharmacies and nutrients. These nutrients and drugs from pharmacies included lipid nanoparticles available in mRNA vaccines and those available in DNA vaccines. Liposomes could be created after biological membranes have been disrupted. 

Because these liposomes are absorbed by the body faster, including the intestines, people never feel the loose stool side effects from traditional forms of supplementation. This is a huge plus on its own. Apart from the fact that there is a high amount of hydro chloric acid in the stomach, liposomal still works and helps in digestion. 

All you need to know about Vitamin C 

We are sure you already know the primary forms of vitamin C mix you prefer sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate, or ascorbic acid. You would enjoy vitamin C. Vitamin C comes in either capsule form or tablet form. 

Liposomal Vs Vitamin C 

The issue obtained from traditional forms of vitamin c is that it affects some groups of people negatively. Some people experience this type of complaint where they suffer from stomach issues like hyperacidity or loose stool. 

But this does not occur with liposomes because they get adequately absorbed by the body.

My thoughts on Liposomal vs. Regular Vitamin C

Growing up, all my life, I have been consuming local traditional Vitamin C. I grew up to be a handsome fine young man, if I say so myself. And I grew up taking vitamin C. But the reason I would go with Liposomal on which is better, is that there are people who consume vitamin C, and they end up suffering from diarrhea because their system does not like the form they are taking it. This means some people do not enjoy vitamin C being in capsules or tablets. These types of people would prefer Liposomal any day, anytime.

And another reason why I would go with Liposomal is that Liposomal could be used when one wants to take any drug. Besides the vitamin and minerals that vitamin C has, an association of other types could be taken in with Liposomal. People could easily enjoy the consumption of drugs and nutrients from pharmacies where lipid nanoparticles are available from mRNA vaccines and those which are also available from DNA vaccines. These liposomes could easily be created after biological membranes have gotten disrupted. 

So at the end of this Mortal Kombat match between Liposomal and Regular Vitamin C, Liposomal wins fair and square.