We love science fiction animation movies as much as we do? Who wouldn’t want to watch futuristic technologies and civilizations as backdrops to interesting stories and animated characters?

We are going to look at a list of science fiction animation movies that you should consider watching.

5 Science Fiction Animation Movies

Jetsons: The Movie (1990)

This movie was created to be humorous, and to a large extent, it made us laugh. The humor aside, the part that we couldn’t get enough of was the fact that it was jet-packed, and had the flying-car far-future. The animation seemed quite real for its time. This is a movie you should consider watching.

Escape from Planet Earth (2013)

This is another science fiction animation movie that you should consider watching. It was made with CGI animation, and this was a technology that was still in its early stages in 2013. We were impressed with how they paid attention to both detail and realism. A hero of the Baab, a planet decides to carry out a rescue mission on Earth–Dark Planet, and he was caught. Watch him navigate his way through his high security and futuristic prison, Area 51.

Battle for Terra (2007)

This movie was made during that period a lot of people wanted to try out 3D. Can we say that the 3D spectacles were overhyped? We won’t be wrong if we did. This movie was created by Lionsgate, and this company tried to make use of the CGI feature. They succeeded to a large extent. In this movie, the technologically-advanced Earth force decided that they would take over an alien world. Kids can watch it, but they will notice a bit of adult aspects.

Planet 51 (2009)

This movie was created with the aim of adding comedy into the sci-fi mainstream; they may have succeeded a bit, but some of the jokes seemed flat to some audience. Sony’s TriStar released it into the U.S., and the viewers get to see to journey with an astronaut that finds his way to a strange planet. He has to stay away from the inhabitants of the world that he finds himself in. He decides to stay in a planetarium, but one of the inhabitants of the planet finds him. For its time, it was quite an expensive venture.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001)

As a company that is not to be left out of any technological changes, Paramount decided to get involved in CGI. It created its sci-fi movie that was meant for young people. It was designed to be retro-themed. The movie is focused on the abduction of humans by aliens, and the leaving of pint-sized prodigy Jimmy Neutron behind. He sees the need to make use of rides in the amusement park to create warships that he could use to rescue his loved ones. It is an exciting movie to watch.