Suppose you used to think the best type of comedy was an earnest, thought-provoking drama in which a bunch of high-powered actors delivers Oscar-worthy performances while depicting what it’s like to grow up African American in 20th century California or some such thing. In that case, you need to get reacquainted with funny. So for this post, we wanted to share a few of our favorite comedians with you.

This list is in no particular order.

Louis C.K

Louis C.K.’s humor is wide-ranging and edgy, and he doesn’t let anyone get away with it.

That has led him to be a controversial figure among comedy fans, many of whom have criticized his material, saying it’s offensive, sexist, and homophobic.

But just because Louis C.K.’s humor is unusual doesn’t mean it’s not funny.

People who don’t like it are probably not his target audience.

Louis C.K.’s comedy is perfect for a particular audience — people who don’t like the typical comedy on offer.

Trevor Noah

The greatest comedian of his era, Trevor Noah, is the most sought-after comic in the world. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has become the hottest show late-night. Noah himself has emerged as one of the most brilliant, original, and hilarious standups working today.

Noah first burst onto the scene in his native South Africa, where he hosted his late-night talk show, Trevor Noah’s Daily Show, on Comedy Central. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah quickly attracted a huge following. Noah was named one of Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch in 2013. His debut standup special, Trevor Noah: Lost in Translation, received rave reviews and was named one of the 10 Best Standups of 2013 by Time Magazine. Noah has since continued to build on his rapid success, touring the world and selling out shows at Hollywood’s iconic Laugh Factory while receiving countless standing ovations. Noah’s comedy is distinctly South African — raw, politically incorrect, and brutally honest, but with a universal appeal. His stories always deal with identity, politics, and the absurdities of everyday life.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman, the comedian who famously said, “I like making people laugh. It’s a great way to get them to open up and feel comfortable,” has a fairly impressive resume. She won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Special at age 13. She started on Saturday Night Live, where she shared the stage with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Silverman’s comedy about sex, gender, and politics has always been frank and unapologetic, and it’s made her one of the most outspoken comics of her generation.

Kevin Hart

In the ten years since Hart exploded onto the comedy scene, he’s been compared to everyone from Eddie Murphy to Steve Harvey to Richard Pryor. But none of those comparisons capture what makes him so uniquely hilarious. Hart’s comedy comes from his genuineness. Many of the jokes in his act are subtle, clever, and self-deprecating. They reflect his comfortable, easy-on-the-eyes persona — a 6-foot-tall, 225-pound black man with buttery-smooth skin, broad shoulders, and slicked-back hair. That’s not to say that Hart gives his comedy a “big brother” vibe. He’s not some meek, submissive character who’s always apologizing for being who he is. Instead, Hart’s comedy reflects his confidence, his self-assuredness, and his refusal to ever apologize for who he is. With a laugh like that, it’s no wonder that he’s become one of the most successful comedians of his generation. But it’s not just Hart’s comedy that’s made him so successful. He’s also become one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood, even though his claim to fame isn’t acting but his comedy.


If you are looking to laugh until you cry or laugh until you pee your pants, the comedian list below should have the perfect comedian for you. From comedians like Louis C.K, Trevor Noah, Sarah Silverman, and Kevin Hart, you can be assured these comedians will have you laughing hard.