Hello there. Today I will be talking about how we all feel about Brexit. But do you even know what Brexit means? If you don’t, we will help you with some explanations here and there. Relax and watch us explain all you need to know about Brexit and learn some of our thoughts on it too.

What is Brexit? 

Well, Brexit is a portmanteau or a merge between the words British and Exit. It was from the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU (European Union) around eleven am on the 31st of January 2020 GMT. The first and one of the only nations left the European Union after around forty-seven years. It has also been one of the member states of the European Union and then from its predecessor. The European Communities (EC), since the 1st of January 1973. Looking at the terms from the Brexit Agreement for its withdrawal, various Northern Ireland keep participating in the European Single Market and its high relation to goods. For it to remain a de facto member of the EU Customs Union. 

Our Thoughts now on Brexit 

The European Union and its institutions have gently gradually developed since their establishment, which included forty-seven years of membership with Britain. Then it grew to be essential to the United Kingdom. Though around that time, various Eurosceptic groups existed. There were also opposing aspects from the union, which had a variety of predecessors. 

The prime Minister known as Harold Wilson has his government hold a referendum that ran as an EC membership in the year 1975. Here some voters decided to stay and remain within the bloc of around sixty-seven point two percent of the stare of votes. No other referendums were held as the entire project kept on growing, and then it became very close in subsequent Lisbon and Maastricht treaties. As part of a pledge for the campaign, which was available to win votes from Eurosceptic, David Cameron, the Prime Minister, promised to hold a significant referendum if their government ended up being re-elected. His Pro-EU government ended up holding another referendum that kept on being part of the EU membership from 2016. Here, voters decided to forget about the European Union, which had around fifty-one point nine percent share of the votes. 

We still wonder what would have made members of Britain exit from one part of the world to the next. Like having a Queen and a prime minister was not good enough for them. The portmanteau Brexit still needed to get created, and then the United Kingdom left the European Union. Some people feel nations in the European union are bonded by their geographic location. But it seems nations like the United Kingdom can easily opt-out when things go in proportions the United Kingdom does not find favorable. Here’s to hoping nothing negative occurs. And if negative wants to come, the positive impact must always be what would occur in the end. As is said, if it isn’t better it isn’t the end yet.