For a long time, we have heard people give us different hacks for their beauty routine. We are going to analyze the different best and worst beauty products in existence. Many of these worst beauty products or hacks that we will analyze can ruin your skin.

Bad Hacks

Melt Your Blackheads

There is a great chance that you have heard people tell you to rub Vaseline on your face, then make use of a plastic wrap to cover it. Others may say that you should rub Vaseline on your face, but the plastic wrap on the face and use a hot towel to cover it.

You may notice that the blackheads may easily come out after you are done, but this is a bad hack as it isn’t safe for your skin.

Rubbing Eggs On Your Skin

We agree that eggs can work well on your skin. Your grandma may have used eggs on her hair and face, and nothing happened to her, but the same case may not befall you today.

With the issue of Salmonella in eggs, it is important that you be careful when handling eggs. This bacterium became a serious problem from the late ’70s and early ’80s.

Do you know that Salmonella is a common reason food poisoning is occurring in major parts of the world including the U.S.?

Eggs will shrink the pores and do other things, but when you think of Salmonella, it becomes scary.

There is an alternative that allows you to enjoy the benefits of eggs without having to deal with Salmonella, and it is the egg extract mask. Since many of these egg extract masks are not created from raw eggs, you do not have to worry about Salmonella.

Kitty Litter Face Masks

When you hear of kitty litter, you may be wondering what made this become a trend. You may wonder what made a lot of people decide to slather other faces with kitty litter. It is weird, right?

The truth is that kitty litter may have few benefits, but the issues that one may face from slathering their faces with kitty little are worse than the benefits.

Kitty litters are clay-based, meaning that they sometimes have some ingredients that are seen in the compounds used in making common skin-care products, which are bentonites and silica.

These ingredients are known to take out oils and keep moisture stable, and they work well on a lot of people.

We have no issue with using bentonite and silica on your face. Assuming kitty litter was made only of bentonite and silica, we would have told you to go ahead with smattering your face with kitty litter, but since it isn’t, it is not advisable.

Good Hacks

To save you the stress of having to use dangerous products on your face, we advise people to make use of only organic products from trusted natural brands like Zoya, Jane Iredale, and 100 Percent Pure.