Why I Hate Social Media (Opinion)

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Social media has become a staple and life of everybody in this age. Our ancestors never thought of something of this magnitude connecting people across countries and continents. Social media has created a lot of opportunities, and it has a lot of benefits, but like everything, there are disadvantages.

A lot of people often overlook these great disadvantages of social media; a lot of people are not even conscious of it. They have become so accustomed to living with social media that they automatically use it without thinking of its effects,  its benefits, its great disadvantages, and all the damage it does to us. 

In this piece, I am going to share my opinion with you, and I am going to tell you why I hate social media.

The Plague of Social Media and Why I Hate it

Social media can be as hand to a plague; it starts small, seemingly unnoticed, and suddenly it grows and sweeps the globe or a particular area, and you can not think of how life was before the plague, you cannot imagine or relate with the beauty of how life was before the plague, and it’s devastation.

 Due to the advancement of technology, humans finally found a way to connect across vast distances; this was crudely done by letters and telegrams. However, with the Internet and mobile phones, and portable computers, the field of communication and interconnectivity between humans broadened greatly. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp, and a host of other ones crept up through the vines. People were skeptical about using them at first, but as things progressed, these platforms and apps became inextricably linked to modern life. 

Of course, they came with a lot of advantages which include:

  • Faster communication.
  • Wider reach.
  • Easier dispersion of information.
  • New professions and job opportunities…etcetera. 

They also came with massive unnecessary baggage that has Exacerbated a lot of mental disorders and social problems. 

Most people spend at least 115 minutes every day on social media, this is productive time that could be used to better the lives of people, but it is usually wasted on social media.

 As studies have been conducted on social media over the years, we have come to discover that it could be a nightmare; there are countless negative effects that the use of social media has on people. It has been advised that social media be used on a limited basis, but most people do not heed this advice.

It has been discovered from research that social media can be devastating to your mental health, it has been discovered that young people, especially the ones that grew up after the advent of social media, suffer from a barrage of mental health problems due to social media; these mental problems include:

  • Low self-esteem 
  • Depression 
  • Suicidal thoughts 
  • Loneliness 
  • Social phobia 
  • Decreased life satisfaction 

Now imagine what is supposed to make life better turns out to be the main source of the problems you face in life. The use of social media can make a person think of themselves as less because they see photos of their peers living better lives and looking better. This can lead to depression which can lead to feelings of loneliness, decreased satisfaction with life, stare up a desire of staying away from people and lead to suicidal thoughts. All these end up compounding the lives of people and sucking the essence of their life. Like a plague, the dangers of social media are sweeping; it is like a chain reaction that cascades throughout the life of people.

You have decreased productivity because you spend so much time on social media; because you spend so much time on social media, you get to see people living their best life and showcasing the best parts of their life on social media, so you compare yourself with them and feel that you’re not doing as good as they are so you feel bad about yourself, but you don’t do much about it because you spend so much time on social media. 

You feel lonely, you feel depressed because you know you’re not living up to your potential, you’re not satisfied with your life, and you feel like taking your life. 

Simply eliminating social media from your life can lead to a tremendous increase in satisfaction with your life; you eliminate several triggers of negative thoughts and actions. 


The ills associated with social media are endless.

Liposomal vs. Regular Vitamin C

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Hey there. Today I would be playing a Vs. Game. You know, Vs. Like the way, it is done on Mortal Kombat. But it would be about Liposomal vs. Regular Vitamin C. I would explain Liposomal and give some small explanation about vitamin c (which I am sure you already know long before now), and then you would pick the winner of this vs. match. Are we ready? FIGHT!. 

What you need to know about Liposomal 

Liposomal is a type of blister that has at least a single bilayer. The liposome could be used as a vehicle to deliver drugs and administer drugs from pharmacies and nutrients. These nutrients and drugs from pharmacies included lipid nanoparticles available in mRNA vaccines and those available in DNA vaccines. Liposomes could be created after biological membranes have been disrupted. 

Because these liposomes are absorbed by the body faster, including the intestines, people never feel the loose stool side effects from traditional forms of supplementation. This is a huge plus on its own. Apart from the fact that there is a high amount of hydro chloric acid in the stomach, liposomal still works and helps in digestion. 

All you need to know about Vitamin C 

We are sure you already know the primary forms of vitamin C mix you prefer sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate, or ascorbic acid. You would enjoy vitamin C. Vitamin C comes in either capsule form or tablet form. 

Liposomal Vs Vitamin C 

The issue obtained from traditional forms of vitamin c is that it affects some groups of people negatively. Some people experience this type of complaint where they suffer from stomach issues like hyperacidity or loose stool. 

But this does not occur with liposomes because they get adequately absorbed by the body.

My thoughts on Liposomal vs. Regular Vitamin C

Growing up, all my life, I have been consuming local traditional Vitamin C. I grew up to be a handsome fine young man, if I say so myself. And I grew up taking vitamin C. But the reason I would go with Liposomal on which is better, is that there are people who consume vitamin C, and they end up suffering from diarrhea because their system does not like the form they are taking it. This means some people do not enjoy vitamin C being in capsules or tablets. These types of people would prefer Liposomal any day, anytime.

And another reason why I would go with Liposomal is that Liposomal could be used when one wants to take any drug. Besides the vitamin and minerals that vitamin C has, an association of other types could be taken in with Liposomal. People could easily enjoy the consumption of drugs and nutrients from pharmacies where lipid nanoparticles are available from mRNA vaccines and those which are also available from DNA vaccines. These liposomes could easily be created after biological membranes have gotten disrupted. 

So at the end of this Mortal Kombat match between Liposomal and Regular Vitamin C, Liposomal wins fair and square.

Why We Love U.S. Gold Medalist and Gymnast Simone Biles

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Simone Biles is a phenomenon in the world of gymnastics and an idol, she is known as one of the best gymnasts on the earth. The way that she moves is what no gymnasts can compare to, as a gold medalist in the Olympics and a US championship record holder. Here are some reasons why we love Simone Biles.

Simone Biles’s records.

Simone is at the top of all disciplines in the world of gymnastics. Her first award was the world championship in Antwerp, Belgium at the age of 16, and was already seen as a great candidate in the gymnastics field. She has won 19 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 3 bronze medals even before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics started. She has also won the US championships seven times in a row which has never been done before. One of her soft spots is the uneven bars which it was her favorite before. She had to put a quick pause to the end of her career to see the Tokyo Olympics which is where she will conclude her career.

Biles’s training routine.

Biles’s height is 142cm(4.6 ft) and her weight is 47 kilograms (103.6 Ib), which is the perfect physique for gymnastics. She has a huge muscle mass but her little size, makes her do wonders, and makes her move faster at the preparation of her jumps and somersaults, and be able to show more styles than anyone no matter how small the mat is. Her training routine is very basic just practice again and again. To be in shape for the Olympics in 2020, she has to ensure that every routine is pitch-perfect, she makes sure she trains every day for most of the hours of the day.

The Biles’s elements.

When new elements are invented at international gymnastics competitions, the element’s name is awarded to the person that invented it. And four new elements are given to Simone Biles. And recently, she invented two other elements in 2019 at the world championship at Stuttgart. One of the hardest elements she ever made is the “triple-double” which is a double somersault accompanied by a triple twist at the end. It has been put at the most difficult scale.

Simone Biles speaks out.

One of her favorite disciplines is the floor in the gymnastics world, she stated that it gives the most changes in showcasing herself in full, her characteristics, her personality, and her freestyle. She also shows herself outside the floor by standing up for herself and others with the use of social media and fighting for injustice and inequality like the protests of the black lives matter movement. She also talked about personal matters like when the #MeToo movement occurs about the sexual harassment and abuse in the gymnastics world and her experience of being sexually abused by Larry Nassar, the former physician at the US gymnastics term.

Simone Biles is a role model of our time giving joy and hope to future girls and gymnastics. She will always be honored in the gymnastics world.

Are the Olympics Finally an Equal Gender Playing Field?

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In 1896, the first modern Olympic games were held in Athens and there was not a woman as a competitor. And now at the 2020 games, you will see that nearly half of the competitors are females. Tokyo is made as a start of a revolution of the international sporting world as the most gender-equal as it has ever been since the history of the Olympics. The people that organized the Olympics stated that the number of women this year compared to men is about 49 percent of whole 11,090 athletes playing this year, which is an increase from Rio 2016 Olympics that is 45 percent, at Los Angeles 1984 was 23 percent, at Tokyo in 1964 was only 2.2 percent of women, and in Paris was where the first female athletes played. As the Olympics will return to Paris in 2024, there is a sure sign that there will be full gender equality with equal numbers of male and female athletes.

This will bring another issue of having mothers who are breastfeeding that is playing and the rumors of harassment and abuse on female athletes which is a major issue on sports globally.

The Olympics committee has been planning for this gender equality scheme for a long time in terms of planning, programming of events, and so on. Even though the last year was disturbed by the COVID 19 pandemic. The international Olympic committee made sure that they increase the number of female athletes that will play in 2020, their selection was done by their strict qualifying process. One of the committees stated that after getting all the numbers of athletes from the last Olympics that they also increased the number of female athletes. For the first time in history in any team that there are 4 members, it is a must that there have to be at least a woman in the team and new events have a more mixed-gender than the former Olympics have ever seen. Events were dropped from the men category for the women to do like boxing, canoe rowing, and water polo. In the 1500 meter freestyle, the swimming category that was only meant for men before has been also given to women to play. The five new sports that were introduced in the Tokyo Olympics which are skateboarding, speed climbing, karate, 3 on 3 basketball, surfing also have a female category for the female athletes to play.

The Tokyo Olympics have multiplied the number of mixed-sex events by two orders than the last Rio Olympics with a total of 18 events with includes shooting, table tennis, archery, swimming, etc. The international committee player started that there is nothing more equal than males and females playing in the same team is what is called leveling the playing field.

When the sports are broadcasted, the women are also very seen in this Tokyo Olympics with more gold medal events that are about 17 to be shown on the weekends. He said that is not mainly about playing on the field but also promoting the events as well. This is the time for women to shine and be seen by the world.

Should You Wear a Mask?: Pros and Cons Since the Delta Variant Has Spiked COVID Cases (and How to Stay Healthy).

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The states are reopening after the long period of lockdown, and many, this includes California, are presently wearing a face mask in public spaces to reduce COVID 19, this has turn to a necessity. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World health organization (WHO) has stated that the citizens are free to use masks made of cloths for public use unlike when the pandemic started and they said that we should wear the medical face mask which is so opposite of what we are recommended today. These orders from the organization have somehow caused confusion towards the citizens about the wearing of face masks. Health officials have confirmed the face masks aid in preventing the spread of COVID 19 and the more the practice of wearing face masks happen, the safer we will be from getting the virus.

An interview was conducted in San Francisco, an epidemiologist called George Rutherford, and an infectious disease specialist Peter Chin Hong. Questions was asked on the Center of Disease Control and Prevention masks changing ideas and what to have in mind while getting a mask. When they were asked why the sudden change from CDC. Mr. Rutherford said that the supply of surgical masks and N95 respirators can be reserved for medical personnel to prevent them from being infected and treat others. Another thing is that the United States does not want to wear masks unlike some countries in Asia it is like their normal lifestyle. Some people from the United States still choose to ignore the information that is given by CDC.

What is the effectiveness of the face mask?

There are different forms to prove that the mask is effective. One of them is that the masks have been taken to the laboratory and it has been studied that the respiratory droplets from our noses and mouth can be blocked by the face masks. This was done by looking through a high-speed video that showed that droplets from about 20 to 500 micrometers are gotten while coughing but the droplets decrease as a cloth was placed in front of the mouth. Another experiment showed that people that had the flu or cold reduce the spread of their virus when they wore masks from reducing the number of droplets that spread out.

But there is no better evidence than real-life research and experiences. The epidemiologic data mentioned how the results of wearing a face mask can lead to. Columbia and 15 states did a before and after comparison on the effectiveness of face masks. And it was showed that indeed the spread of COVID 19 reduce at a surprising rate, with a daily reduction of 0.9 percent.

Who should wear a face mask?

Everyone should wear a face mask, but sadly it can’t be so because when you expect 100 people to wear a face mask it’s only like 80 people will wear it. We should all wear our masks and do the necessary precautions to reduce the spread of the virus.

Our Thoughts on Gun Control Laws in America

This piece would simply be talking about what we think about the laws placed in the United States of America on using guns and its control. 

What are Our Thoughts on Gun Control Laws in America

Our Thoughts includes the following;

Is there an age that someone might not make use of these guns? 

The gun control act of the year 1968 regulated firearms at the federal level. This required legal residents and citizens who need to be at least eighteen years of age to buy rifles or shotguns and various forms of ammunition. 

All other types of firearms like handguns could be sold to only people that are twenty-one years of age or older. 

Local officials and state officials might implement a higher restriction of age but might not be allowed to reduce the federal minimum. 

Who cannot go and purchase guns or various other firearms?

People who are fugitives or those deemed dangerous to society and people who have suffered from mental illnesses are among those who shouldn’t purchase these firearms. People who have felonies in their criminal record or those with prison sentences that pass a year or a misdemeanour that carries these sentences of a time that’s higher than two years should not be allowed to purchase firearms and guns. 

Some federal rules and regulations block the sales of guns to individuals who have been found guilty of possessing guns unlawfully or using controlled drug substances all through the previous year. This includes drugs like marijuana through various United States regions. These are also illegal under federal law. 

People that have restraining orders by courts not to harass other people or threaten or stalk them cannot purchase these guns. Members of the army that were dishonourably discharged and migrants that were not authorized cannot purchase guns. 

Do the state or federal government regulate the purchase of these firearms? 

The second amendment serves as the basis legally for the right of citizens to bear and keep arms. 

Though the local and state governments regulate residents might, for example, make use of guns in public, several laws regulate people that might possess or receive guns. These are set out at the federal levels of the state. 

Our Thoughts on Gun Control Laws in America

Well, we feel the law is proper, and it is on our side. But the problem is, who and who can’t we use this gun against. Think about what happened to George Floyd. If he has his gun that day, the story would have been entirely different. We advise you to watch this short movie “Two Distant Strangers” would you have liked someone who is Black to carry a gun and start shooting white cops? What would the news say? How would the courts view all of these? It is a lot of things. The only thing we want concerning these gun control laws is peace, equity, equality. No more, no less. 

Why is Stem Cell Research Controversial?

Hello there. Today I’ll be talking about the reasons Stem Cell Research seems controversial. There are embryonic stem cell lines from the year 2001 from president Bush held a firm pro-life view. This allowed various federal national institutions for health to fund these stem cell research using embryonic stem cells to these were already in existence at the period. This prohibited the funding from NIH for the derivation or use of more embryonic stem cell lines. These policies were responses to growing senses which hESC studies held a high amount of promise to treat and understand degenerative diseases. This still opposed more destruction of human embryos. It results from the destruction of these human embryos that made this research in Stem cells controversial. A variety of researchers viewed the funding from NIH as something essential to attract scientists to make a very long-termed commitment that would study all of the basic biologies of stem cells. Without making any decisive science platform breakthrough that might be likely to get used. 

What did the Old President Bush say about this Stem Cells Research? 

The rationale for this policy was that the embryos created from these lines and produced were already destroyed. This allowed various research to get carried out on these stem celled lines. These might allow a lot of good to come out from their destruction. Making use of only embryonic stem cell lines, which were embryonic and existed, was problematic scientifically. Usually, the NIH knew that over sixty hESC lines were accepted for the NIH funding. As surprising as that might be, a lot of these lines weren’t quite suitable to be used for research. For instance, they weren’t firm enough to grow into more than a single cell. They ended up being contaminated, and they couldn’t be shipped to other parts of the world anymore. From the first month of 2009, these hESC lines were quite enough to get funding from NIH. But these lines weren’t safe to get transplanted into people. There were very long lines standing, and it was observed that they could gather and accumulate various forms of mutations. These mutations included different types that were already predisposed to have traits of cancer. 

Adding to all of these, some concerns were raised about the process of consent on the levels of the derivation of these different NIH lines that were approved. The majority of these scientific experts included the Director of the NIH, who was under President George Bush. He believed that an absence of a brand new embryonic stem cell line would hinder necessary progress toward the transplantation of stem cells. 

My thoughts on why Stem Cell Research is Controversial 

Well, different people have different thoughts on this specific topic. It is pretty controversial because these stemmed cells cannot be transplanted and used by people. Maybe when that happens, it would get accepted by members of the world faster and with a reduced amount of controversy. 

How Magnesium Helps Balance Your Mood

Different people have a variety of different mood swings. A lot of things might be stressing them or causing them to suffer headaches and all. Today I’m here to tell you that magnesium can help your mood the appropriate balance it needs. Let’s ride on, shall we? 

What are the ways Magnesium Impacts and Balances your Mood? 

In 2016, the national institute of mental health concluded that around sixteen point two million adult Americans suffered from an episode of severe depression. 

What is an Episode of depression, and how does magnesium Help? 

An episode of severe depression refers to depression that lasts about two weeks. The person has a complete loss of interest in anything, and they are in a mood of depression and about four other symptoms that change their ability to function the way they usually do. 

Various other symptoms include sleeping, not being energetic, having low self-esteem, loss of appetite, being suicidal, loss of concentration or loss of trains of thoughts. This could end up in death.

People that suffer from depression coops suffer various physical symptoms. These symptoms include depression that could get complicated, back pain, general headaches and migraines, premenstrual syndromes, and check pains, including anxiety attacks, muscle aches, joint pain, digestive issues, exhaustion, and fatigue

We all know that depression is indeed a complex thing. Various experts genuinely believe that it results from the combination of differences biologically, hormonal play, inherited traits and the chemistry of the brain, which ends up gathering and making someone depressed. There are also various external factors too like your surrounding environments. 

What are the Benefits of Magnesium for people who are Depressed? 

Magnesium Helps people by acting on their hormones. 

Having hormonal balance is extremely important for your overall well-being and your mood. The mineral magnesium plays an essential role in the regulation of various levels of cortisol. This prevents a Very high amount of production of cortisol. Cortisol aids in calming our nervous system. Because stress must occur no matter what, this triggers the entire body to release higher amounts of cortisol. This keeps our nervous system calm, and it permanently reduces the high amount of stress we are suffering from. Balancing this hormone ends up playing roles in maintaining follicles, estrogens, luteinizing hormones, testosterone and the follicle-stimulating hormone in our bodies. 

Hormones like those from the thyroid gland can contribute to you having depressive symptoms and having bad moods when it is not active. Magnesium assists in the production of the thyroid hormone. This also provides several benefits of protection to the thyroid gland when reducing its anti-inflammatory properties. 

So there we have it. Now you understand the methods Magnesium uses to balancing our moods. Whenever you feel off or down, try to consume something that has magnesium as one of its ingredients. Before you know it, you’ll rapidly feel the boost of energy, peace, freedom, happiness, and you’ll go back to your sharp, witty old self. 

Pros and Cons of High-Speed Rail in the U.S.

Hello there. Today I’ll be talking about the Pros and Cons of High-Speed Rail in the United States. I’m sure you know about it. What I don’t think you know about are the advantages and the disadvantages. So let me simply say what I know and move on to the next piece. 

The benefits and consequences of High-Speed Rail in the U.S.

I would start by explaining the Pros of High-Speed Rail in the United States. 

Pros of the High-Speed Rail in the United States 

The high-speed rail in the United States would create many jobs and aid in stimulating the economy in the short run. This is all economics here. The high-speed rail would also aid in creating benefits that are similar to those from other infrastructure projects, which are quite uncertain. History has suggested that there might be a great chance these would help fund those projects because of the amount of money this high-speed rail would generate. 

What are the Pros on citizens that make use of the high-speed rail 

These citizens would get to go wherever they want to in haste. It is a high-speed rail. This way, before you know it, many businesses around the train stations would be developed. Before you know it, new businesses would form up and generate a higher income for those working there in these areas. 

The Cons of the High-Speed Rail in the United States 

Do you know how expensive it would be to build a High-speed railway system in dense areas? Think about the accrued cost of transport to send things from places like San Francisco to Los Angeles. It wouldn’t be easy, but for this railway system to work in the U.S, all these things must be done. What happens to dwellers and settlers that settled at areas where the railway lines must pass through. It would cause many problems, like the noise the train makes, and they would have to be around many strangers. Strangers as in people that make use of the train to move around. That would take a lot of getting used to, but still, it counts as a con to the high-speed rail in the United States. 

Did you know about the high level of debt it took to create high-speed rail in the United States? 

Before the railway system was made, many funds were borrowed for this project to become a reality. Trust me when I say that wasn’t easy to do in any way. No one likes gathering debts, not even the government. 

My thoughts on the High-Speed Rail in the United States 

The most important thing is that the debt can be paid after the train works for a short time, that’s no problem at all. So it’s a form of development at the end of the day because there are a lot of citizens that needs this speed for them to keep up with their jobs. Like those that have jobs far from where they live.

Our Thoughts on Prison Reform in the U.S.

Today I’ll be talking about the United States, and what we think about reforming prisoners so when they leave prison, they would come out as important, valuable members of society. But I’ll talk a little bit about what Prison Reform is then giving you our opinions, okay? Let’s go. 

What’s Prison Reform About? 

Prison reform refers to a remedy that attacks the inefficiency of the justice system these days of a variety of states which the federal government has explored. Prison reform is focused on restoring public safety for people impacted by crime all through creating constructive culture through our prison system. 

These reforms are available to try and change the fate of people sent to prison to change the lifestyles, behaviors, and attitudes available to change the level of control these inmates have and make them responsible for their actions personally. Getting these goals using prison reform falls within two different categories. These ensure appropriate access to different programs that help people get the values, training for jobs, skills, and knowledge throughout the time they are in prison. 

Prison reform also provides policies to these correctional facilities that make sure that there are few barriers to maintaining a positive community. All through the period that they would be in prison. These provide different individuals with several chances to equip them with skills that would help make them have valuable relationships out of prison. Prison reforms help these inmates achieve their dreams and change their lives when they are out back in society.

These prison reforms are great essential ways to provide people in prison with ways their characters could develop, giving them education and all the things they need to know after leaving the four walls of the jail. This programming type is provided in different prisons. Prison reforms include training people in the following areas of life;

  1. Religious programming 
  2. Substance abuse support 
  3. Mental health aid 
  4. Family management classes 
  5. Life skills 
  6. Employment programs 
  7. Educational development 
  8. Workforce development 

These programs help the inmates with these areas of life listed above by helping them with the aid of organizations in society. These organizations include a non-profit that provides programming in federal and state prisons like Hudson Link, Miles of Freedom, and The Last Mile. 

Our Thoughts on Prison Reform in the U.S.

Finally, you get to know our thoughts on Prison Reform in the United States. Well, it is a great idea. You can’t imagine if you send a thief or someone who commits different crimes back to society after being imprisoned to do good automatically. One needs to use these prison reform strategies to teach them and make them know the importance of being good people in society. This is also a solution to one of the ineffectiveness of the justice system. This way, they leave prison as better, more mature people. This way, the society would be exited they are coming back because they would help the community prosper.