Is Social Media Harmful to Young People?

Whenever anything is going on wrongly in either my siblings or me, my Mom always says we should stop social media 😂🤣😂🤣 I don’t get why, though, but oh well. I’ll be using this piece to explain the question Is Social Media Harmful to Young People?

What are the harms of Social Media? 

Though social media has the possibility of negatively affecting teenagers, it could disrupt their sleeping patterns, distract them, expose them to high amounts of cyberbullying, spread rumors, and view the lives of other people, especially those that post a lot of fake lives without contentment on social media. Then there’s also a high amount of peer pressure. 

Peer pressure like “See Grace has this new device, I’m going to do whatever I must to get it. And before you know it, someone is in deep trouble.”

These risks are high. Many teenagers suffer from mental health issues that they wouldn’t have suffered from in the absence of social media. This affects teenagers and kids more aged than thirteen years old. 

There have been serious studies that have looked at the rate of depression and social media usage on people suffering from symptoms F anxiety. Lots of these teenagers that made use of social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter were invested in these platforms emotionally. They couldn’t imagine their lives without it. This ended in giving these poor teenagers higher levels of depression and anxiety. Let’s not forget about the worst sleep quality. 

What are the Benefits of Social Media on Teenagers?

Though there’s a lot of harm, I have learned to be my person through social media. It has helped me communicate with a lot of other people and for me to build my social network. These great networks help people like teenagers get the necessary support. It also helps them feel included, especially teenagers that are suffering from chronic illnesses or horrible disabilities. 

These teenagers also make use of social media platforms to become entertained and to express themselves better. These platforms help teenagers know what’s happening currently, like WhatsApp status. The fastest way to find out anything that’s happening would be to check the WhatsApp status of your contacts. This also helps teenagers break the barriers to their friends geographically. These also include healthy behaviors for teenagers that are doing it right.

Social media platforms have lots of ways it saves and helps people from depression. Especially kids.

Benefits VS Harm of Social Media on Teenagers 

I’ll use a scenario to explain this. I suffered from some level of depression recently, but thankfully I’m getting back on my feet. Some people suffer from peer pressure and hopelessness after watching what their mates are doing on social media. On that same social media, they get to meet people that would give them hope and give them the strength to pull through with whatever is happening in their lives. In this case which wins? Is it the harm or the benefit?

It all depends on how your child is internally and how they were trained. 

How Family is Who You Love, Not Who You’re Related To

Family is traditionally defined as a group of people closely related to one another either by adoption, blood or marriage. Family can also be your extended family. Traditionally, family is your parents and your siblings, however, and most people will also have some extended family members. This means your grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces/nephews, and cousins. 

Family, however, is not limited to people you’re related to by blood. Family can also be people you feel are kindred spirits and a close-knit group of people bound by love and friendship. Family is always who you love, not who you’re related to.

The idea of family being who you’re related to has caused many people harm because not all families are good families. Some families are abusive, manipulative, and dysfunctional. Such a family can make one feel lonely and deserted, especially since we live in a society full of mostly nuclear families. This makes people think that once their nuclear family isn’t loving, they have no family. This is not true. Family is much more than blood, and you can make your family. You can create your own family with people and friends you love. To create a good, happy and healthy family, you’ll need these qualities.

Qualities of a Happy and Healthy Family

  1. Patience – Patience is necessary for a good family. Members of the family should be patient with each other. Patience is a way to show love. Even when they’re being annoying be patient and wait it out. Patience is the best way to show love.
  1. Kindness – Being kind doesn’t equal being nice all the time or saying yes to all demands. Being kind means being considerate, friendly and generous towards members of your family.
  1. Peace – Peace is necessary for a healthy family. Arguments, noise and rage are things that we do not find enjoyable. Of course there’ll be arguments, but members of a family should never feel unloved or despised after a fight. Even when you argue you should still know that you are loved.
  1. Joy – Choosing joy in all situations. Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.
  1. Love – Show love through devotion, kindness, patience and sacrifice. Love must be shown through action. It’s not enough to say you love someone you have to show you love someone. Love is not disrespectful, and love doesn’t disregard your boundaries. Love doesn’t give an ultimatum, and love does not hurt.

Other qualities include being gentle and having self-control. If you’re in a traditional family where you’re being abused, belittled, manipulated or disregarded, then that is not your family. Those are simply people you are related to by blood. Family must have these qualities. A healthy family should be a safe space from all the trials in the world. If your family produces all your trials, then they are not the best family for you.

Of course, it’s difficult to cut off from your traditional family, and it may hurt, but you must do what it is best for you. Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who show you love, who show that they want you in their life. People who respect you and love you.

Besides Being the President, What is the Hardest Job in Washington, DC?

Everyone knows the President has one of the most demanding jobs in Washington, D.C. It’s tough being the President and it’s even more difficult when you’re the President of a country as large and diverse as the United States. However, besides being the president, other jobs are competing for that spot at the top of the list of the hardest jobs in Washington, D.C. Let’s have a look at some of these jobs.

The Most Challenging Jobs in Washington, D.C.

  1. Politician’s Personal Assistant – If you’re interested in a 9-5, two weeks of vacation yearly and weekends off the job, then this is not for you. This is a 24-hour job that leaves you with very little personal time. You’ll be on the move constantly and will have to sign an astonishing number of NDA’s.
  1. Press Reporters – It’s hard to get into the press briefings, and it’s hard to get your questions answered.
  1. Secret Service Director – Directing the secret service is not as fancy as it looks in the movies. It involves a lot of paperwork, strategy and planning. To be the Secret Service Director, you must be prepared for any and all scenarios.
  1. Intern – Being an intern is the worst job to have. You do all the work of an actual employee but don’t get paid. In a huge and busy city like Washington, D.C., being an intern is even more stressful. This is the hub of politics and company executives with insane schedules. If you’re going to be an intern in Washington, D.C., you must come prepared.
  1. NFL Defense Coordinator – Any job connected to sports is either the best or worst job you could have. This is because fans are very passionate about their favourite teams and their favourite sports. For the NFL teams, the defence coordinators always catch the heat. If the team loses, the defence takes the blame. On the flip side, if the team wins the defence gets the praise.
  1. Homeland Security Secretary – The title is far more fascinating than it actually is. This is a job that requires a lot of patience. The homeland security secretary is given the job of ensuring public safety is the best it can be in America. This comes with a lot of stress. The Secretary has to enhance security, secure the borders and cyberspace, enforce immigration laws, and this has to be done while trying to pass bills that will make this easier.
  1. Member of the House of Representatives – While this is a great starting point for a political career, this job is extremely competitive and stressful. There are also elections every two years. Breaking into this space can be difficult, and you’ll always have 434 people right beside trying to keep their jobs and get re-elected. Most Representatives usually try to become Senators, but most fail.

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What is Palliative Care for the Elderly vs Hospice Care?

What is Palliative Care

Palliative care is a form of healthcare that places focus on relieving the pains and strains of patients. Palliative care is usually given to people with severe and life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, dementia, heart disease, lung disease, HIV/AIDS, and kidney failure. Palliative care is not a treatment of the diseases but can occur alongside treatment. It is meant to make patients feel better and address the side effects of treatment and disease. Palliative care caters to the mental, physical, spiritual, financial, emotional, and social problems that occur when people go through such traumatic ordeals. Palliative care can start at diagnosis and last through recovery.

Benefits Of Palliative Care

  1. Palliative care helps patients to feel better about themselves, which in turn provides them with a better quality of life.
  2. Palliative care helps the families of patients to cope with stress during the treatment of the illness.
  3. Palliative care can begin at diagnosis to offer steady support for the patient.
  4. Palliative care can help patients explore beliefs that may be beneficial to them, such as spiritual beliefs.
  5. Palliative care can also help patients who need assistance with practical issues such as insurance and even medical costs.

Hospice Care

Hospice care is a type of palliative care. Hospice care, on the other hand, is the end of life care. It is also called comfort care. This is when the patient or the patient’s family chooses to stop receiving treatment. In this situation, the patient will typically have six months or less to live so the patient can decide to stop searching for a cure and focus on managing the pain and having a good quality of life till they pass on. Hospice care has four levels which are;

  1. Routine Home Care – This occurs regularly and involves the medical professional visiting the patient in their home. Focus is placed on feeling better and relieving the side effects of the disease.
  1. Continuous Home Care – This occurs when a patient needs at least 8 hours of care per day. This sort of care is usually provided by a nurse.
  1. General Inpatient Death – This occurs when symptoms have become so severe that the patient is unable to receive treatment at home; therefore, they need to be brought to a medical facility.
  1. Respite Care – Respite care is five days of respite for the family. This occurs when the family cannot take care of the patient; therefore, they will be admitted for five days to give the family time to recharge.

Benefits of Hospice Care

  1. Hospice care focuses on making the last days of the patient as pain-free as possible.
  2. Hospice care also provides relief for the family of the patient.
  3. Hospice care can also address the family’s grief at the patient’s death.

Palliative Care for the Elderly Vs. Hospice Care for the Elderly.

  1. Palliative Care for the elderly could be a great option if the older person suffers from a disease like dementia, which is not immediately life-threatening. Palliative care for the elderly will focus on providing comfort and relieving the aches of old age.
  1. Hospice Care is only for people who are at the end of their life. Therefore, if the older person is not suffering from a life-threatening disease or at the end of their life, they may not qualify for hospice care.
  1. Hospice care is always palliative, but palliative care is not always hospice care.

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Best Record Stores to Visit in the US

Once upon a time there used to be lines of record stores everywhere you looked but that was once upon a time. Now record stores are not as common as they used to be, their numbers have dwindled. This decrease was caused by the rise of the digital era. Many people Have switched to downloading and streaming their music leaving the once crowded record store to be not so crowded. 

Although most people may prefer listening to music through streaming sites or downloading them there are still music fans who love and treasure the sound of records. If you are one of those music fans or you just love the nostalgia records give, here are the 5 best record stores to visit in the US.

Waterloo Records

 Location: 600 N. Lamar Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78703, USA

 Waterloo Records, the independent store has been at the forefront of Austin’s music since it was open in 1982. Its name “Waterloo Records” was gotten from back when Austin was called Waterloo. When visiting Austin Waterloo is a must-stop for music fans looking for quality records with a long catalog to browse through. They are also always stocked up with the new and latest releases from Austin’s bands. They hold in-store performances by hosting different artistic which gets the place packed. They get even more traffic during their Vinyl Happy Hour which is held every Tuesday. No other store music store can beat Waterloo when it comes to its line of vinyl and CDs cement its place as a must-stop. Visit them online at

Gramaphone Records

Location: 2843 N. Clark Street, Chicago IL 60657

The store has been opened since 1969 and is arguably considered the pillar of Chicago’s dance music. The store has a large customer base consisting of techno dorks and Chicago house revivalists. They offer other genres but they focus on house music and have a collection of house labels. Learn more about the store at

Vintage Vinyl

 Location: ​6610 DELMAR ST. LOUIS MO 63130 

The store is known for its wonderful indoor shows and sometimes free beer. It is also known as of of the best record curator in the middle east. The store sees a consumer base consisting of rockers and bluesmen. Learn more about the store at

Louisiana Music Factory

 Location: 421 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA 70116

The store first opened in 1992 and along with selling amazing records and hosting life brass bands the store also has a strong history. It survived through hurricane Katrina and was still the first record store to reopen in its city. Learn more at

Electric Fetus 

 Location: 12 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55802 (Duluth) -2000 S 4th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404 (Minneapolis)

Next on this list and having one of the craziest names is Electric Fetus. The store opened in 1968 and although its name might be considered as one of the most terrible business names the store itself is still going strong. Maybe it’s the curiosity that draws people in it but this store has had some celebrities as customers being one of Prince’s favorite record stores. The store claims to have something for all kinds of music fans giving it its diversity in customers. They sell used records but their shops also sell close. It is also known for its streaker sale where the customers are allowed to take whatever they want as long as they are shopping naked. Learn more at

Do note that some of these shops may be closed if you plan on visiting during COVID-19 but you can always get a vinyl subscription. This way you can get your vinyl shipped to you where ever you are.

Our Opinion on How the New Congress is doing for Politics in the U.S.

This article would only be talking about the lifetime voting records, the net worth of people living in the United States, the representatives and the senators, the salaries of staff, and the national journal for the ratings that are voted. 

This is the one hundredth and seventeenth congress in the United States. They are presently meeting on issues related to the legislative branch for the United States federal government, which has been composed of the house of Representatives and the Senate.

These new members were elected on November 3rd, 2020. They all convened on January 3rd, 2021, and they would conclude on January 3rd, 2023. 

The Constitution’s 20th Amendment has specified that the changeover for several different congress members would occur on January 3rd in the afternoon. This also stated that the congress itself would need to be available on that date unless they have established a different date, which has been declared by the law. This congress has passed the twentieth amendment from the year 1932, and the state has competed ratifying this from the year 1933. 

Who are the Members?

Presently, there are about sixty-seven new members of congress. Like about seven of them, some of these members are senators, and we have sixty that are representatives. We also have Rep Luke Letlow. He, too, would have been sworn in as a brand new member of the congress on January 3rd. Sadly because of several different Covid 19 complications, be passed away on December 29th, 2020. 

Going for the elections that were held in 2020. There were about fifty-three open seats. Forty-nine on the house of Representatives and then 4 in place of Senate. Forty was empty because the incumbent part didn’t see any need to get reelected. Eight of them for open because some got their asses kicked during the convention in a primary. Five of these seats were officially free after an incumbent resigned, died, or appointed to a particular new position. 

Three of the incumbent senators, two Republicans, and one Democrat was defeated by opposing party candidates. Candidates from the republic defeated twelve representatives from democrats.

The number of members from the previous congress sessions are as follows:

116th Congress had nine new Senators and ninety-three new Representatives

115th Congress had seven new Senators and fifty-five new Representatives

Balance Of Parties  

Of the seven new senators that are now on congress, we have four of them serving as Republicans, three of whom perform as democrats. Of the sixty brand new representatives, we have fifteen that are democrats and forty-six that are Republicans.

Our opinions about all of this are that there should be peace in the United States. As we now have brand new members of congress, they should create and enable better policies that would lead to the entire United States’ positive movement. 

Why You Should Get Health Insurance if you’re Under 40

So I started writing this piece, and all of a sudden, everything wiped out. Luckily I’m smart. Let’s see what I can come up with. 

So you feel because you’re not up to forty, you do not need to get yourself insurance. Don’t fool yourself, please. There are several reasons why you need to get yourself insurance. Let me try listing them out for you.

List of reasons why you need to get yourself health insurance before you get to forty.

Health insurance is not just for you.

Yes, you may feel young, healthy, like Iron Man even. When you feel these ways, you don’t think you need to get yourself health insurance. You don’t have diabetes or HIV, and you feel like there’s no point in actually getting yourself health insurance. Well, we are not the master of the universe. Anything can happen at any time. You understand. There are people in their mid-twenties that have slumped and died. Do you know that? So this health insurance is not just for you. It is for you, your friends and your family. 

It is not as difficult as it seems.

Many people are scared of going to hospitals, getting joined into the health insurance schemes, and the number of funds they would need to pay to start up with their health insurance plans. Well, there are people that, because of one thing or the other, they have ways that the number of funds they would need to pay would get reduced to a lower cost. They end up enjoying the same things other people want, and at the same time, if anything horrible happens to them, they get covered using their health insurance.

You end up living with peace of mind.  

Do you know what peace of mind is? Knowing that if anything goes wrong with you medically, your health insurance is going to pick you up and clean you up like the lovely person you are. But without it, imagine you need surgery or something important just like that, and you don’t have, you know, the necessary resources to cover up for everything. Where would you pick up or start from? Guy, it doesn’t matter your age or the healthy genes in your family. This is 2021. People are dying by the minute. We all need to do our best to survive. However, no one is getting out of this alive, but still. As we’re going and healthy so, we can try to live better lives. 

You would go through hell if you end up needing health insurance and you didn’t subscribe before.

Not literally hell, but. I mean suffering. Because I don’t get it, you have all you need. Like you have the resources to get yourself health insurance, you don’t want to? Why though? If you don’t have the resources, that’s different. I hope we end up making the right decisions. 

How Does Capitalism Affect Health Care?

We all know that our entire society runs on capitalism. A few people would fight and argue on this idea, but deep in our hearts’ inner parts, we know that this is the truth. We all also know that capitalism roots run everywhere. As long as some money is to get made, you would find capitalism there. Someone would come and find a way to make this money. It could be okay at places where you sell electric cars or smartphones. What happens when people’s health becomes the target of those whose only thing that’s on their mind is the money? The answer lies in the news, which is prompted daily for businesses that are meant for profits. 

Whenever we listen to stories that are related to health care, they are heart-wrenching. We have seniors that have chosen between food and drugs. We have kids in an essential herd of surgery but can’t get the help they need because their guardians and parents can’t pay for their insurance fees. Citizens are living in America have had to smuggle Canadian drugs because of the high price in America. Why is it that health care as necessary, which is a fundamental right of ours, has become such a problem? 

Why Everyone Wants the Dollar 

The hustle for US dollars has been the main topic of these debates. Even health care has become a business that brings in a lot of funds. Everyone from companies that are used for insurance like medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals has been pulling all of these in by making use of large profits. There are several times which these are done at the expense of others. When you check out the benefit of patients they should be helping, it is all just so fuzzy, sad, and quite annoying. You are leaving someone to die when it is in their human rights to live, all in the name of money. Too sad.

Well, capitalism is what drives businesses, and businesses are what drives the need for profits. Somewhere along the line, technology is supposed to have come to save us by the materials and means available to make our lives happier, more comfortable, better, and more affordable. But capitalism says no. It has taken technology, and now we battle capitalism with technology striding behind capitalism.

These people have used technology to reduce the costs of things, and capitalism has shown that there is absolutely nothing that one cannot make profits from. Why would one sell a pill that can save lives for a dollar? Why isn’t that pill-free, or why isn’t it five hundred dollars. 

The thing is if you want to sell these drugs and know that yes, you want to collect everyone’s funds, do it with all your might. If you don’t want to, make it free let people live. Have a conscience and make it the right one, please.

Pros and Cons of the Micro-Housing Trend

Having the necessary vision and knowledge on how you would like to downsize to about four hundred square feet, there are Pros to Micro Housing. The entire Micro housing trend has been around for quite a while. This also article is going to talk about the Pros and the Cons of the Micro-Housing Trend. But before then, we would give a brief definition of what Micro Housing or Micro units are. 

Definition of Micro Units 

This is for people that have not heard about the trend yet. Micro housing units are usually two hundred and fifty to four hundred square foot living apartments. These are rising in the districts. We have bedroom condominiums and typical studio apartments which are about five hundred square feet. We have beautiful micro-units that are created to merge all the amenities available in your apartment to stay comfortably in a small space. By surprise, most of these have all the necessary properties that a typical unit used for a living would have. They have things like the usual dryer, enough space for you to keep a large bed in, it also has enough space for you to put in all your kitchen appliances. 

Pros of the Micro-Housing Trend 

In matters related to having an apartment and fully living in the city, what type of living space is seen to be too small? For a lot of people honestly, they desire and choose to live in a cute small little apartment. Due to a lot living in a small space was just done out of choice at instances where they had to attend college or stay in a boarding house. The demand for living in town continues to increase by the day. What people get to enjoy from living in this type of apartment is that they get to have peace of mind, there’s usually no one following people that live in micro-housing units. You get to enjoy your life as you desire. Nothing fancy or flamboyant. Just peace and good vibes. You have all you need in your micro-housing space. We are humans, how much space can we take on alone. 

Cons of the Micro-Housing Trend 

There are lots of people that love to live a big life. You know the large lifestyle. These types of people would not enjoy living in a Micro apartment. They would feel uncomfortable at every point in time. This case is way worse if they are living in this micro-apartment with family members or with friends out of their choice or out of their will. They would get irritable at every little thing you do. Though it is not their choice to live in these types of apartments, they would feel entitled and claim they own the space and before you know, innocent you that simply don’t have a choice but you have to be there would feel highly uncomfortable. These are the sad parts of the micro-housing trends.

Why Trump Refused to Concede the Presidency to Biden

Trump stated he would keep fighting until the results from the elections get changed. But he stated the doubts he has about this strategy of his. The president that would soon be leaving office doesn’t want to agree that he was beaten at the elections. He keeps stating that the votes are fraudulent. 

After the elections, Trump stated that he would keep fighting these results after which Biden was stated the winner. 

Several different representatives from the campaign of Trump and different members from his Republican Party have filed several lawsuits which have all contested the election results. The outgoing president doesn’t want to concede and agree that he lost the election. 

What has Donald Trump said Relating to all of This? 

Donald Trump stated that even in 6 months, he wouldn’t have a different mindset. Donald Trump told this to Fox News. Though he was somewhat in doubt of the Supreme Court hearing about all of this. 

We all need to move quickly. There isn’t a lot of time. Some challenges need to be faced legally. The issue here is that there’s a difficult problem getting all of this to the Supreme Court. 

Different Widespread Allegations of Fraud from the Votes 

Winning three hundred and six out of the five hundred and thirty-eight college votes would help secure victory from the presidential election. These results had victories in places like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin. These were places where Trump won 4 years ago. 

Trump stated that there was fraud in these elections. He also stated that all of his analysts politically didn’t agree that those were natural. Trump and his team have sent lots of suits to these states. Even Nevada has been sued. They all are trying to change the outcome of the vote. 

Wisconsin on Sunday completed their recount of the votes which was used during the elections and Biden was confirmed the winner. This punched all the efforts Donald Trump has been using to see himself be the winner of the presidential elections. Michigan and Pennsylvania stated that Biden won’t despite the pressure gotten from Trump. 

Several legal challenges have not brought any real case of fraud in these elections. Everyone has been rallying and telling Trump to forget about what he is trying to do. He just needs to simply concede and agree he lost the election. The people don’t want him anymore and now they want to see what Biden has to offer. 

Why Joe Biden Has to Say About This? 

The President-Elect has already started gently moving his office to the white house. His transition process is going smoothly. He doesn’t have much to say. He is already naming members he would like to have in his presidential cabinet. He doesn’t have the energy or the time to waste over the efforts Trump is using to remain the president of the United States of America.