You must have known about the heating blanket to keep warm in cold weather, a kind of technology that increases the temperature of your body when you need it. But have you ever had a cool blanket, if you haven’t heard of it then you are missing, its purpose it’s to reduce the temperature of the body in the hot season, it is very good to use when you want to sleep, the cooling blanket uses an advance cooling system and some special fabrics?

The cooling blanket was invented by NASA to keep the astronauts cool when they are traveling through high-temperature areas, the cool blankets have a long history in terms of technical evolution. To see how the cooling blanket works, have to know why our body gets hot while sleeping.

During the period of sleeping our bodies releases heat that is later transferred into our mattress and bedsheets. The mattresses and bedsheets trap the heat instead of releasing it into the atmosphere, which will lead to the turning on the bed to get comfortable, the cooling blanket helps to make your sleep much better. The cooling blanket has a special fabric that gets rid of moisture. The cooling blankets come in two kinds.

The first type of cooling blankets thermoregulating fabrics which are instruments that play a role to reduce heat. They perform this function by wicking the moisture away from the surface of your body, reducing the body temperature, and improving sleep. The thermoregulating fabrics that are found in cooling blankets are mostly cotton, acrylic, wool, and polyester. Sometimes it comes in bamboo fabric. They are light, breathable, and have a combination of some cooling properties. 

The heat-conducting technology is another type of cooling blankets system, it works by transferring a hot object to a cold object. There are different kinds of methods that are used for the conduction of heat like phase change materials, the use of gels, weighted blankets that are filled with beads or rice, or air cooling blankets that use electricity. 

If you want to get a cooling blanket, best you get the lightweight one, that absorbs moisture very well that contains the best of fabrics materials. Proper care should be taken when taking care of the blankets and the heat is getting high try to get a cooling blanket to get your good night’s sleep.

Here are some kinds of cooling blankets you can get like the true temp blanket with the cotton fabric, ultra-soft flannel fleece blanket it is had this super lightweight weight and it comes in different sizes and so many more.