An opinion is simply a personal thought or a private idea about a subject. An opinion is how you feel about a certain topic. Everyone has an opinion on various topics, especially controversial ones. But there are two major types of opinions – the unsubstantiated opinion and the substantiated one. 

Of the two, it is not difficult to guess which one has more meaning or is more dependable. An unsubstantiated opinion is what most people have when they hear of new issues or events. It refers to the initial opinions of people at first, but it has no solid content or reason for the way the people feel that way. 

So if you hear of an issue initially, how you feel without an in-depth understanding of the situation is an unsubstantiated opinion. For instance, you hear two men were involved in a struggle and one fell off the bridge into a river below. It is likely you will feel that the other man should be arrested. This is an unsubstantiated opinion; it is just how you feel. In that case, what is a substantiated opinion?

What is a Substantiated Opinion?

A substantiated opinion is one that has facts backing it. In other words, it has substance. A substantiated opinion is not always a true or correct opinion. For instance, considering the two men from earlier, the opinion for the other man could become substantiated. This is if a reason for the opinion is added. 

So instead of simply feeling that the other man who is still standing should be arrested “just because,” you could say that the other man should be arrested because he was involved in a violent outbreak in public and for disrupting the peace. That would be a substantiated opinion.

A substantiated opinion might not always be true. For instance, if it later comes to light that the guy who fell off the bridge was actually a robber, then although your earlier opinion was substantiated, it was not totally correct.

So, although a substantiated substance might be backed by facts, it is not always right. However, it is more difficult to argue against when compared to an unsubstantiated opinion. 

Practical Uses of Substantiated Opinion

A substantiated opinion is useful in the intellectual world and various professions. Simply judging issues based on your feelings alone are not always the way to go. To raise your credibility in your environment (whether at work or school), making use of substantiated opinions is very useful. Any other thing would simply sound like gossip.